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Roberta T.

New York • Tribeca

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Motivational • Nurturing • Straightforward

Lighter Massage Style


Roberta feels so lucky to have found her passion and purpose in her life: helping clients feel comfortable in their skin. She is a people person through and through and building that connection with each client makes her so happy. She knows that it can feel vulnerable to talk about your skin’s problems openly, so she works to make you feel comfortable and safe. A natural teacher, she looks forward to being able to share and learn together.

I love to care for and help others.

What clients are saying

Roberta did an amazing job with my skin. She was gentle, yet extremely effective! I will definitely be back for monthly facials.

Robi was great. I loved how she explained every product and gave so much insight into my skin type and gave lots of helpful tips. Very thorough and informative.

*clears throat* (To the tune of Fabulous' 2007 iconic hit, Make Me Better): 'Ima do my skincare by myself, But I'm a force when we're together. Robbie, I'm good all by myself, but, lady, you, you make me better.' After a particularly rough week, my favorite Heyday lady gave me some extra good juju and sent me and my skin home extra clean, revived, and glowy.

Best Advice

Always cleanse skin, especially in the evening. Be consistent and give masks and toners a second chance.

Fun Fact

I like to listen to and learn about different languages and accents.

Dream Client

In my book, clients who are kind and committed to learn about their skin are the real stars.


Grateful for 2-Day

Favorite Product

It is amazingly refreshing and calming for every skin types during the sizzling hot summer days.

Favorite Product

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Lavender Honey Balancing Mist