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Tatiana S.

New York • NoMad

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Energetic • Motivational • Nurturing

Firmer Massage Style


Tatiana’s mom always kept an eye out for her skin, staying on top of her to keep it healthy. This taught her to be diligent and consistent. Moms really do know best! Tatiana hopes to educate her clients on product, ingredients, and technique. She wants all of her clients to feel confident in themselves and in their skincare routine, because she knows that healthy skin is happy skin, and happy skin is a happy mind.

I'm very thorough in everything I do.

What clients are saying

Great experience with Tatiana! First time in and won't be my last. I really appreciate the non-aggressive approach.

My experience was perfect!

Tatiana was really nice and very good at explaining my skin situation to me and suggesting products.

Best Advice

If you ever want to reduce puffiness and have some downtime, invest in a jade roller. Go in with a cold tea compress and place them all over your face and just roll over with the crystal.

Fun Fact

I've lived in 4 different states.

Dream Client

Blake Lively because she’s just gorgeous and always has that glow.



Favorite Product

You can take it anywhere and use it wherever you want it, without having to be concerned about how long you leave it on. You'll never see a film on your face.

Favorite Product

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Alchimie Forever

Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask