Dr. Loretta

Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

An all-in-one cleanser that removes both the obvious grime (dirt, makeup) and unsuspecting pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye.


Dilated Capillaries


Good For Dry, Normal, and Sensitive Skin Types

6.7 oz

Especially great for sensitive or post-procedure skin, this is a super satisfying cleansing experience. Chock full of marine peptide, this formula boosts hydration while deeply cleansing, so skin is left clean, soft, and hydrated. Plus, marine algin absorbs pollution particles (like smoke and pesticides) that tend to lurk in the air around us.

The Ingredients That Make A Difference

How We Use It

Morning And Night

Add water to a nickel-sized amount and massage into damp skin using upward and outward movements before rinsing clean. This product is safe to use around the eyes to remove makeup, too.

Complete Your Routine


Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil

Pai Skincare

Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil


Stone Crop Hydrating Mist


Stone Crop Hydrating Mist


This is a fantastic, gentle cleanser to use after professional facial treatments like microdermabrasion or peels.

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