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Mighty Patch Invisible+



The Lowdown

These patches are invisible magic tricks that help make whiteheads disappear. Veiled enough that you can wear them during the day (and even apply makeup atop them), they're vegan, cruelty-free patches that use hydrocolloid to pull out fluid from the breakout, without breaking the skin like our pesky fingers do when we pick at those zits. (You might know hydrocolloid from those blister bandages you wear after a night in heels.)

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We recommend this for

These are great for any whitehead breakout. Resist your urge to pop by putting one of these on top. They aren't modern-day Bioré strips for blackheads.

It’s like a Band-Aid to prevent you from picking. So great for anyone who has an inclination to pick or pop!

Jenna W. Skin Therapist
Jenna W.
Skin Therapist

How we use it

Gently cleanse before using, dry your skin, and simply pop it on like a bandage. Keep them on for a minimum of six hours, ideally. Overnight is great!

What to expect

If you use them on the correct breakouts, you'll see inflammation and redness subside and the whitehead magically dimished (and on the underside of the patch!)

This is a fun bottle-free option for treating breakouts. Great for when you're traveling.

Ashley S. Skin Therapist
Ashley S.
Skin Therapist

Back of the Bottle

  • Hydrocolloid

    Hydrocolloid patches work by creating a "moist" - we know, we know - environment to promote healing. They're biodegradable and non-breathable so they'll keep your skin dry while your wound heals.