Tata Harper

Water-Lock Moisturizer Refill Pod

Refill your Water Lock Moisturizer from Tata Harper with these genius pods.


Fine Lines

Rough Texture

Good For Combo, Normal, and Oily Skin Types

1.7 oz

Unlock your most hydrated skin yet with this barrier repairing gel-cream that both primes and moisturizes. Water Lock is lightweight without compromising on hydration benefits, creating a smooth canvas that's prepped for makeup or gorgeous on its own. Plus, high-quality ingredients like Elderberry Fruit Extract and Glycerin help retain skin's moisture levels while boosting antioxidant levels to protect from environmental damage. Our favorite part? The pod packaging design is refillable to help reduce waste, and the pump dispenser makes sure you get just the right amount each time.

The Ingredients That Make A Difference

How We Use It

Morning And Night

Use one pump on clean skin, applying to the face and neck in upward strokes. Follow with sunscreen if using in the AM.

Complete Your Routine


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Water Lock is an ideal makeup primer as it creates a smooth, hydrated canvas. Once you have the Water Lock Moisturizer, the this Refill Pod is all you'll need to replenish.

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