Volcanic Ash Is So Hot Right Now

Volcanic Ash Is So Hot Right Now

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The detoxing ingredient is having a moment in skincare for its detoxifying properties. Who should use it? And should you hop a flight to Hawaii to pick up some of the real thing?

Okay, so what is volcanic ash? Is it actually from a volcano?

Yes and no! Volcanic ash is a bit of a marketing term. Often, when you see that on a bottle, it's referring to bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a detoxing clay that is from a volcanic region. (And fun fact: it's the primary ingredient in cat litter. Think absorption!) It’s a form of sulfur that has antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties. So yes, it's from a volcano, but as cool as it would be to see photos of someone shoveling lava (in safety gear!) into bottles, it’s not a molten lava or active volcano situation.

Ah, that makes sense, what are the benefits of it on the skin?

Due to the properties listed above, our Skin Therapist Alix S. loves the ingredient because it, “really helps inflamed skin, draws out impurities, and is great for clearing blemishes and breakouts.” When in a mask, it helps the skin clear out excess oil, leaving behind bacteria-free, healthy, happy skin.

Who can use products with volcanic ash in it? Is there anyone that should stay away from these products?

As with anything that says "good for all skin types!" we're all about the context of your current skin situation. Our Skin Therapist Cindy C. says that volcanic ash is a great ingredient for someone who has oily or combination skin. It’s also a great choice if you have large pores. Alix S. warns that “should you have sensitive skin, you should try it on a smaller patch of your skin and for a few minutes at a time, before leaving on overnight to make sure you don’t see any redness or reactions.” If you have drier skin, you should also cut down on the amount of time that the product recommends and make sure to restore hydration levels after, with a good moisturizer. 

Okay, sold. Do you have any products with volcanic ash in them?

We do! The Shaffali Volcanic Ash + Sage Facial Earth Mask is one of our client and team favorites! It’s a great detoxing and clarifying mask built on Ayurvedic principles by a super passionate founder. It's a great addition to a routine for someone with oily skin. It also thrives as a spot treatment, which can be used overnight. Cindy C. often recommends the product because along with the re-mineralizing clay, it has turmeric which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. “This ingredient means that it is great for brightening up acne marks and because it can calm breakouts, it’s a great friend to breakout-prone clients.”

Any other testimonials?

Alix S. says that it’s a cabinet staple because “it does its job without drying out my skin. It stays a really nice silky consistency, even if I left it on for hours. It actively heals my breakouts without making my skin flaky, which is great.” It fits in perfectly with our beliefs on feeding acne with ingredients that will keep your skin (both under the breakout and around it) healthy, as opposed to killing acne with dryness.

Our Skin Therapist Jenna W. is a huge fan. “I have lots of clients you come to me on some really heavy duty breakout products that they’ve picked up either at the dermatologist or at the drug store and I always switch them over to this because it’s effective but much friendlier to the skin. I know that you want to get rid of a breakout as soon as possible, but you don’t want to damage the skin in doing so. Then you’ll have an even bigger problem.”

What success have you seen in your clients who use it? 

Aside from the success that Alix S. has seen in her own skin and her clients. Cindy C. says that “With clients I've recommended this to, I've seen improvements on both reducing the size of breakouts and how long they take to dissipate! It has helped them not pick at blemishes, which often results in scabbing.” What more could you ask for?

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