Pineapple: Digest Dead Skin Cells And Smooth Texture

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Pineapple: Digest Dead Skin Cells And Smooth Texture

By Chrissy Carrano

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Pineapple is used in skincare in the form of bromelain, a collection of natural enzymes derived from the stem and/or fruit of the plant. As a white powder, bromelain is added to skincare formulations for its topical properties of exfoliation and removing damaged tissue. It's also used in other health and wellness practices in pill or powder form.
How it Works

Going back to chemistry class, enzymes are the molecules that speed up chemical reactions. Think of enzyme action on the skin like an army of little Pacmen eating up the glue that holds together dead skin cells on our outermost layer. By speeding up the removal process, a healthier and glowier layer can emerge. Fruit enzymes are among the most gentle of exfoliants, making them great for everyday exfoliation or sensitive skin types.

Enzyme exfoliation is one of the gentlest forms of dead skin cell removal. It doesn't disturb your skin's pH and rarely causes irritation.

Make it Routine

Pineapple's enzyme, bromelain, is most likely going to show up in your chemical exfoliants or exfoliating masks. A gentle enzyme exfoliant is a great way to regularly and safely exfoliate for super glowy skin. Pro tip: Put it on in the shower right after cleansing and let it work its magic while you shampoo and condition.

The ingredient is front-and-center in this gentle exfoliant, perfect for brightening.

A Heyday fan favorite, this multitasking mask gently exfoliates and hydrates. It's also smooth enough to use as a facial massage medium.

Wait—One More Thing!

Bromelain, believe it or not, is used as a natural meat tenderizer. Why? Actually, for the same enzymatic action it performs on dead skin cells—it 'eats' away at protein to loosen the bonds in the top layer of meat to make it softer and more supple.

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