I Got It From My Family: From Skin Tips To Types

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I Got It From My Family: From Skin Tips To Types

By Hanna Yowell

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‘Tis the season to reconnect with family—near and far, immediate and chosen, as we celebrate the holiday season. And when you go to borrow some of your mom’s moisturizer (or any other skincare products that didn’t make it through TSA), take this as your sign to do a bit more digging when it comes to your family’s skincare — specifically, your skin history. We’re talking the traits, tips and 
knowledge we pass down from generation to generation.

Why We Care About Your Skincare History at Heyday

Genetics are largely responsible for our skin type: the structure of our skin based on pore size and unique oil production. At Heyday, we identify six different skin types: normal, oily, dry, combination, acneic, and sensitive. If you inherited grandpa’s cooking intuition, his sensitive skin could've been passed down as well.  

Being in tune with your skin type, and therefore your family's skin history, can help us determine the best skincare routine for you, as well as prevent and treat certain conditions. 

What Ask Yourself and Your Family Re: Skin History

Therefore, we recommend getting to know your family's skin history, which will be helpful going forward (e.g. when you fill out your Heyday facial intake form). Some questions to start with include:

  • Do breakouts/acne run in our family?
  • Have I been experiencing eczema flare ups since childhood?

Distinguishing if something that’s happening on the skin is hereditary versus temporary is key in determining if it’s a skin type (i.e. a life-long, inherited state of your skin—to be maintained with your routine) or condition (i.e. a non-permanent state of the skin—to be managed with your routine).

And while we do diagnose and treat skin cancers, knowing your familial history around melanoma is critical for early screening, detection, and treatment. 

How Our Families Influence Our Skin and Skincare

But, skin types and traits aren’t the only thing passed down through families. What skincare lessons or rituals have been shared within your own family — from immediate to chosen? For starters, we asked our own Heyday family which tips, tricks, and traits they’ve inherited from their own families. 

“I'm one of four girls, and my mom made sure we had spa rituals on Sundays with DIY masks made of honey, avocado, bananas, and aloe vera — most right from our garden trees. We also had hair masks which included coconut milk and raw eggs for moisture and protein. My brother probably enjoyed this the most because it was an escape from our feminine shenanigans.” - Glenise G.

My sister made my whole skincare routine. She likes to proclaim that she saved my skin, and while I never would say it to her face, she did! She's got my skin glowing and people have really taken notice.” - Grayson M.

SPF always. I always find that people have a million excuses as to why they don't wear SPF — such as, it's too thick and makes me breakout, I sit inside all day, my makeup has SPF, etc. But, helping them find the perfect SPF (Image's SPF 50 or Supergoop!'s Unseen), you can usually convert someone.” - Collin R.

My grandma had multiple melanomas, and my mom and I both have a lot of moles, so we're both very careful to get them checked out every year. The genes from both sides of my family run strong, we all have large pores, olive-toned skin, oily/combo skin, and I have my mom's same forehead wrinkles coming in hot as I get older." - Jess Weiner (pictured below with her family)

Jess W and family

I am fortunate enough to inherit my mother's skin. No major problems, never suffered from acne.” - Selmira C.

“My sister and I struggle with acne and Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation! So, when she went to the dermatologist I decided I wanted to go, too. It made me more aware of how much I did not love being in my own skin when I was younger, and now I am on top of my skincare more than anyone else.”  - Monica 

“My mom has rosacea, and although my dermatologist hasn't diagnosed me with it as well, I have a complexion on the red side and blush easily! I gravitate towards products that feel light and clean on my skin because it's hot. I also got a lot of beauty marks and moles from my dad, so visiting my dermatologist twice a year for skin checks has been a part of my life since I was a teen.” - Sarah H. (pictured below with her mother)

Sarah and family

“My skin type is very similar to my father's. Oily, porous, and breakout-prone. At first I used tons of harsh toners and exfoliators to scrub away the problem. Obviously this didn’t work—in fact it just made matters worse—by compromising my skin barrier.” - Laciann

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