Spot-On Skincare Gifts For Every Type of Friend

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Spot-On Skincare Gifts For Every Type of Friend

By Hanna Yowell

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You don’t have to know their skin type to get them a gift that’s just their type.
For the friend who’s always “on their way” and hasn’t left their place yet:

The late friend — you either have one, or are one. This 2-in-1 primer/sunscreen combo cuts down on getting ready time — just one step, and they’re good to glow. 


For the friend who’s always at the office:

Girlbosses need to stay hydrated, too. This shatter-resistant bottle will keep them glowing from the inside out, even during late nights on the clock.


For the friend who’s always down to go out:

The ringleader of your group chat will adore these instant-depuffing eye gels that are just as useful for getting ready as they are for recovering the next morning.


For the friend who’s notoriously hard to shop for:

The gift that never fails — the gift of choice! Our gift cards are perfect for giving the gift of self-care to anyone, as they can be redeemed online or at a shop for both products and services. 


For the friend who’s always sending you TikToks:

For the the one on top of latest trends (think: the pal who brought the infamous Baked Feta Pasta to Friendsigiving). They’ll be obsessed with this centuries-old tool that’s recently seen a major boom in popularity thanks to TikToks showcasing its transformative effects.


For the one who’s always planning their next adventure:

Just in time for their next flight, this intensely moisturizing face mask will be an instant mainstay in their carry-on to ward off dehydration from stale, dry cabin air.


For the one who’d rather stay in tonight:

Yes, they’re still watching. And, masking — with this innovative detoxifying mask that promotes healthier skin while they chill out. 


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