The Best Skincare of 2020

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The Best Skincare of 2020

By Hanna Yowell

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While 2020 meant less facetime with you, we tried to be there however we could to help you reach your skin goals—from Zoom consults, a Skin Quiz, and new products on our virtual shelves. And while there are a lot of things we’d like to leave behind in 2020, there’s plenty that we’ll take into the next.
The Best Products of 2020

We asked our Skincare Educators to pick their #1 favorite new product of the year. These are the folks who test and vet everything before it hits our shelves. Narrowing it down to just one wasn’t easy, but they did it!

Powerful Results For Even The Most Sensitive Skin Types

This oil is super nourishing and multipurpose. I use it for everything—from hydrating the skin to reducing dark spots. Mix a drop in with moisturizer for added hydration at night, or with SPF in the morning for a glowy tint. You can also use it for that slip and glide needed for facial massage and Gua Sha. Plus, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The wonderful company ethos is an added bonus.” - Glenise Gomez, Skincare Educator

For Smoother, More Radiant Skin On A Daily Basis

This is a product that I didn't expect to fall in love with, but I can actually see a significant improvement in the texture of my skin when I’m using it. I’ve even been introducing a retinol, and this cleanser has still been okay to use as an exfoliant a few times a week. The texture, the smell—everything about it is incredible. Plus, it’s good for a lot of different conditions (blackheads and rough texture) and skin types.” - Chrissy Carrano, Skincare Educator

For Fewer Blemishes And More Glow

I am absolutely obsessed with this serum. I’ve been recommending it to my clients all year. You can use this as a serum or a facial oil. It’s also great paired with Gua Sha. On warmer days, I’ll use it as a standalone moisturizer. It’s lightweight, feels amazing, and works for any skin type. The reishi/chlorella combo is amazing for detoxing and healing the skin, like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.” - Alexandra Serron, Skincare Educator

For Healing And Preventing Mask-ne

I was surprised how much I loved the Naturopathic Clearing Cleanser. With salicylic acid at 2%, my instinct was to only use it if I had an active breakout—this percentage can be so stripping. But, I’ve been using this twice a day for weeks now, and my skin never feels dehydrated or stripped. Plus, I’m seeing fewer breakouts under my mask where I normally struggle with acne.” - Jeni Montoya, Skincare Educator

A lot happened this year. In case some of our new offerings, products, and tips slipped through the cracks, this roundup will catch you up to speed.

The Habits We’re Bringing Into 2021
    Getting told to drink more water and get more sleep might seem like the most unsatisfying skincare advice, but never underestimate the power that good lifestyle habits have on your skin health. We reco drinking around 8-10 glasses of water per day (the exact amount varies person-to-person), and sleeping for 7-9 hours per night.
    Your skin knows best—listen to it. If your skin feels tight after you exfoliate, scale back usage to 1-3x/week, regardless of what the instructions say.
    Cleansing can be one of those steps that we really just go through the motions. Instead, be thoughtful during this first step: use lukewarm (not hot!) water, work the cleanser into your skin with gentle, upward motions, and keep at it for about 30-60 seconds.
    Besides wearing (and reapplying) sunscreen on your face and neck every single day, don’t forget your lips and hands, too! For the full body, you'll need one shot glass full of product, and for your face/neck, follow the two-finger rule: span your pointer and middle finger each with a strip of sunscreen.
So, HBU?

Did you come across any new faves this year? Maybe you rediscovered some old tried-and-trues? Our NEW list is constantly updated with our latest launches, plus feel free to message our Skincare Team for instant recommendations and advice with the Chat feature on our site (look for the little bubble at the bottom!).

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