Your Pre-Wedding Skincare Timeline

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Your Pre-Wedding Skincare Timeline

By Hanna Yowell

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Since we opened our doors, our Skin Therapists have been helping brides and grooms prep for the big day. This is a timeline of the tried-and-true guidance the experts dish out in the treatment room—but here, for you, in a blog!

Congratulations! What an exciting journey for you and your partner, and behalf of the whole Heyday team, we wish you the very best. And while we may not be much help picking out flower arrangements, or which entrees will delight both your picky younger cousin and your college best friend who just went vegan—we can help you figure out the skincare side of things.


1 year out

Start Coming In For Monthly Facials

Whether the big day is in a year, a few months, or anything in between, coming in for a facial each month is the best way to keep your pre-wedding skincare plan on track. “This is really the time when you should be pampering your skin as much as possible,” says Heyday Skincare Educator Glenise Gomez. Monthly facials are the best way to achieve the wedding day skin of your dreams by (1) identifying your skin goals with your esthetician (2) receiving regular treatments to target these goals and maintain healthy skin and (3) building a home care routine that works toward these goals 24/7.

Join The Heyday Membership 

And if you want to do this all for less, we encourage you to join Our Membership to take advantage of facial, product, and enhancement discounts. Stress-induced breakouts? Let’s add on LED light therapy to zap acne-causing bacteria. Having trouble getting your full 8 hours? We can reco a perfect eye cream that reduces puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines.

Build Your Best Home Care Routine Yet

Regular facials and a Membership will also allow you to work  1-on-1 with an expert on an ongoing basis to both create and calibrate your at-home skincare routine. Everyone’s routine will vary depending on your specific skin type and goals, but our experts have identified some focal points for a pre-wedding skincare routine:

    1. Double cleanse every evening. Once you start oil cleansing, you won’t be sure how you lived without this step. Add a cleanser like Light Work by Pai right before your gel/cream cleanser to simultaneously nourish the skin and melt away impurities.
    2. Slow, but steady does it with exfoliation. Clear skin doesn’t happen overnight, but a gentle, yet powerful exfoliant like Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant works to give you brighter, more radiant skin over time.
    3. Target skin goals with a concentrated serum. From treating hyperpigmentation and acne to fine lines and dehydration, incorporating a targeted serum is one of the most effective, long-lasting ways to accomplish your skincare goals.
    4. Apply a hydrating mask overnight a couple nights a week. “I suggest wearing a hydrating mask at night, two to three times a week,  like the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask to keep your skin super hydrated and build your skin barrier,” recommends Glenise.
    5. Extend the parameters of your skincare. Bring your moisturizer down to your décolleté (think: your neck, down to your upper chest), start sunscreening your hands, exfoliate your upper back, etc, etc. Skincare doesn’t have to stop at your chin, and this time especially will be key to give other areas some extra love.
    6. Sunscreen is non-negotiable. The one tip each of our experts mentioned as their #1 piece of advice? Two words: Daily sunscreen
    7. Start any long-term projects. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a ZIIP device, gua sha massaging every night, or starting a supplement routine, right now is better than ever to get started to see long-term results.

Daily Rituals, Long-Term Skin Health


6 months out

Start An Enhancement Series 

At about six months out, chat with your Skin Therapist this month about which enhancement “series” they would recommend starting. Based on your skin’s needs and goals, your esthetician can perform the same enhancement at each of your facials for the next 3-4 months. This is a smart way to strategically target skin concerns so you’ll see major results by your wedding day—like a series of Peels to target hyperpigmentation, or Microderm to target fine lines. 


3 months out

Schedule A Facial Block For Your Whole Bridal Party

Just like you might be booking hair and makeup appointments for your lovely wedding party, a group facial session is a perfect way for everyone to get glowing and enjoy a moment of calm in the midst of all the festivities. Our shop managers recommend booking about 8-12 weeks in advance so you can get your whole party to take over one of our shops. 


2 months out 

Stock Up For The Month Ahead

From bachelorette shenanigans to the big day itself, you won’t regret having these tools in your back pocket for any last-minute skin SOS moments:

    • Skin Iceland’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels will be true life savers—firming, toning, and depuffing under eye skin in just 10 minutes.
    • Random breakouts are no match for Hero Cosmetic’s Mighty Patches. This variety pack helps quickly conquer pimples of any shape, stage, or size.
    • Our Ice Roller is the always-there-for-you Maid of Honor of your skincare lineup. Except instead of helping party prep and calm nerves, it helps prep skin for long days ahead and calm inflammation. 
    • Henne Organics’s Lip Mask ensures your first kiss as a newlyweds is an ultra-hydated one.
    • And finally, Ursa Major’s Essential Face Wipes to make late-night makeup removal as easy as a swipe. 


1 month out

Get Your Final Facial With Extractions

Make sure to keep your Skin Therapist in-the-know regarding your schedule so that your last facial with extractions is at least a month out from your wedding day. This will ensure your skin has plenty of time to settle and decongest after professional-level extractions.


2 weeks out 

Get Your Final Facial

“Your last facial before your wedding will be focused on hydration, soothing the skin, and boosting glow,” says Glenise. No extractions or exfoliation, just a chance to prep your skin for the days ahead. This last check-in is particularly important to get skin primed for upcoming makeup applications and photo sessions.


2-3 Days Out

Keep Your Routine Super Simple

A few days out, you’ll want to go back to the basics. Focus on cleansing, hydration (think: hydrating toners and moisturizers), and of course, SPF. Pause exfoliation and don’t incorporate anything new.

Be Smart With Last Minute Breakouts

Don’t pick or pop, and instead, take a deep breath, ice the inflamed area for about 10 minutes (with a roller or an ice cube wrapped in a clean cloth, 1-min-on, 1-min-off), and apply a pimple patch and/or spot treatment. 



Some of the best ways to keep your skin happy and healthy during this time (and always!) are actually quite simple, and better yet—
free. Cuddling with your fiancé, giving your best friend a hug, and any form of touch causes the body to release stress-lowering endorphins—tangentially beneficial for the skin, too. (Read more of our skin gratitude mantras here.)

All the best wishes to you and your love!




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