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Chrissy C.

New York • NoMad

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Practical • Straightforward • Light-hearted

Firmer Massage type


Walls can't hold Chrissy back. After working as a retail buyer, she knew that it was time to leave the cubicle behind and do something with her hands. She had always loved skincare, but it hadn't crossed her mind to make a career out of it until her friends and family encouraged her to do some research. One year later, she was in school and now she can't imagine going back. No computer, (almost) no walls, no problem.

Careful, some of my clients might fight you if they know you're competition for an appointment.

What clients are saying

It was perfect! Chrissy was super nice and educational, yet relaxing. I loved the space and selection of products. I look forward to coming back!

Chrissy was really good. Explained how my skin works and what I have to do to keep it in better shape. Really recommend her.

Chrissy was amazing! I was booked for a 50 min facial and she was so honest about my skin and how extractions would just make it worse. She bumped me down to a 30 min facial. My old facial place would have just done the extractions and now I understand why my face would always get worse after I left there. Chrissy was so helpful and recommended great products. Because of my experience with her I cancelled my membership at my other facial bar and will solely be coming here!

Best Advice

Don't pick! It never ends well.

Fun Fact

I'd rather be home baking cupcakes and watching Harry Potter than doing almost anything else.

Dream Client

Lionel Messi, because he deserves to kick his feet up for a bit! And I'd kindly accept tickets to matches in exchange.


Vacation Day

Favorite Product

It saved my own skin when I was suffering from terrible breakouts and the pigmentation left behind.

Favorite Product

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Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum