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Antoinette "Joy" E.

Los Angeles

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Analytical • Nurturing • Light-hearted

Lighter Massage Type


Antoinette goes by the nickname "Joy," and that is just what she is: a joy! A long time fan of all things beauty, she loves to talk shop. She makes sure that each client who comes into her room leaves with the knowledge needed to care for their skin longterm. She believes that each time someone makes the choice to have a facial, they're putting in work to take care of themselves and she hopes to honor that by developing a relationship built on respect of her clients' lifestyles and a partnership that sees real results.

I could talk about skincare products for forever.

What clients are saying

Joy is my facial queen for life. The energy was so powerful. Truly a gift.

Joy was nothing short of lovely!

Best Advice

Double cleanse your skin at night. Most clients do not understand that the first cleanse is to clean makeup, sunscreen, etc. The second cleanse actually cleans the skin.

Fun Fact

I was a contestant on RuPaul's "Drag U." I was paired up with JuJu, it was a fun experience.

Dream Client

Angela Bassett! She looks amazing for her age. I would like to know her diet and beauty regime.


Having your skin glow every

Favorite Product

The ingredients are amazing and do wonders for the skin. Also, its a 3 in 1 product making it perfect for the skin minimalist.

Favorite Product

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Oat Cleansing Facial Polish