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Liana C.

New York • NoMad

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Scientific • Straightforward • Practical

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Liana was almost a special effects makeup artist until she realized in school that the everyday transformation of skin was far more intriguing. Now, almost eight years later, she’s created a practice built on an open mind and a focus on ingredients, not brands. Perhaps it's her past life as a travel agent – Liana is all about taking clients on a skincare journey, listening to desires and goals and figuring out a plan to get there. She will find a way, and do it all with a healing touch, a good laugh, and a lot of straightforward TLC.

I believe in the science of skin.

What clients are saying

Liana really went the extra mile to make me feel special!

Liana is awesome! Love your products, too. Can't wait to return!

Liana explained everything throughout the facial. It was a fantastic experience. Can't wait to return!

Best Advice

I would say hydrate, because in New York especially, everyone is dehydrated. That means drinking your water, using some hyaluronic acid serums, or even a hydrating mask once or twice a week.

Fun Fact

I have a serious book obsession and want to build my own library.

Dream Client

It sounds kind of nerdy but probably someone like Bill Nye or Neil deGrasse Tyson, because I think they would have interesting opinions and stories to tell.



Favorite Product

It's hydrating, and brightening, and also helps smooth the texture of the skin. It smells and feels great. I make sure to use this serum every single day!

Favorite Product

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Ursa Major

Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum