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Samantha M.

New York • Upper East Side • Noho

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Chill • Perceptive • Nurturing

Lighter Massage Style


After struggling with her skin, a lightbulb went off in Samantha’s head. What if she could turn all the work that she had done and all the knowledge she had gained on her own into a career? She'd had many jobs before, starting with her family’s hot dog stand when she was 10, but none felt like a career she’d love forever. Now, she’s doing what she enjoys and she’s thrilled that she gets to tailor her services to each client. Every person that comes into her room is going to get something different and that personalization challenge is exactly what she relishes.

It's okay to not have perfect skin, as long as you're confident in the skin that you're in.

What clients are saying

Samantha was amazing and so knowledgeable. Loved the products she recommended and my skin is glowing!

Samantha was warm, friendly, explained the products used really well and did an amazing job! I really enjoyed our conversation and can’t wait to see her in the months to come!

Samantha made me super comfortable and gave me a great facial. With cystic acne, it’s hard to feel good about my skin most of the time, but she was reassuring and helpful and I left feeling better about everything I’d been stressing over.

Best Advice

Listen to your skin and keep things simple.

Fun Fact

I was on the dance team in high school and it was bad, real bad. I blame the horrible uniforms for my lack of rhythm.

Dream Client

Ryan Gosling, for obvious reasons.



Favorite Product

I always had issues wearing sunscreen everyday even though I knew it was important. I love this product because it doesn't feel like other sunscreens and it makes it so easy to add to my routine and I think my clients feel the same. Once I put it on their skin and tell them its sunscreen they are sold just like I was!

Favorite Product

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Prevention+ SPF 50 Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer