Dr. Loretta

Intense Replenishing Serum

A hydrating facial serum that protects skin from environmental damage.

Fine Lines

Good For Dry, Combo, and Normal Skin Types

1 oz

This wonderfully hydrating serum protects your skin from the top causes of signs of aging: environmental pollution, light, and irritants. We have unparalleled antioxidant protection to thank for this, like Lipochroman® which staves off free radical damage from UV radiation and pollution (the leading causes of fine lines and age spots). Skin is left with a natural glow, increased smoothness, and a boost in plumpness.

The Ingredients That Make A Difference

How We Use It

Morning And Night

Apply a dropper-full to cleansed skin in gentle, upward motions.

Complete Your Routine


Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser

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Concentrated Firming Moisturizer

Dr. Loretta

Concentrated Firming Moisturizer


Mix this serum with any other targeted serum to help boost hydration in the skin.

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