Don't Use These 5 Trendy Skincare Gadgets At Home!

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Don't Use These 5 Trendy Skincare Gadgets At Home!

By Alex Scoffell

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It’s easy to be tempted by online ads and influencers promoting DIY at-home tools and treatments. With these targeted ads and ‘perfect skin’ promises, it’s tricky to know which products will do more harm than good. Before you pick up the ‘pore vacuum’ or the ‘facial razors’, learn what other non-invasive hacks you can try first.

If you’ve picked up your phone lately to cruise Instagram and YouTube, it’s easy to catch “DIY Fever” when it comes to your skincare routine. We’re pro-homemade face masks, but we have to draw the line at invasive tools that could cause permanent damage. “As a whole, the industry is always looking for the next best thing. Plus, with access to online tutorials, people feel more confident that they can do it themselves,” says Heyday's Director of Skincare, Shea Amiruddin.

These ‘at-home facial tools’ are designed to replicate services that can be found on the menus of facial shops like Heyday. Let’s take a look at the professional tools you can get in the treatment room, the at-home version, and our recommendation.

The Professional Tool: Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion removes dead and dying cells on the skin’s surface, stimulating new cell production and revealing smoother, fresher-looking skin. Traditional professional devices use sand-like crystals to buff the skin, then vacuum away the dead cells. “Note: the vacuum on these devices does not actually suck things out of your skin. It’s there to remove the debris once the surface has been exfoliated by the crystals,” explains Amiruddin.

The At-Home Version: Pore Vacuums

Our Director of Skincare says that these are good to stay away from. “These types of tools cannot be used on dry skin or else it will cause bruises. The skin’s main purpose is to ‘protect’ and ‘keep things out’ — you have to know how to soften and manipulate the skin in order for it to ‘give up’ what you’re trying to get out — in this case: blackheads.” Aside from bruising, if these tools cause broken capillaries, breakouts, or infections if not used correctly or sanitized.

The Safe DIY: Moon Juice Acid Potion

If you can’t have your blackheads professionally extracted at your next Heyday appointment, settle for a chemical exfoliant to dissolve the dead skin cells and sebum. Use this tone once or twice weekly to help prevent congestion.

The Professional Tool: Microneedling / Dermarolling

Dermarolling is the queen of ‘controlled trauma’. This modality creates a ‘puncture’ to try to get into the dermis of the skin — also known as the second layer. This speeds up the cell turnover process, promoting the production of elastin and collagen to plump, firm, and even remove scarring. “The key needles are always infused with some sort of professional agent, e.g. peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc,” Amiruddin says. “Microneedling is always done with a solution on the skin to affect and treat a specific condition”.

The At-Home Copy: Dermarollers

These at-home rollers can cause immense trauma to the skin if not used properly. The reason Heyday does not offer dermarolling or microneedling is because in some states, licensed estheticians are not allowed to puncture the skin unless there is a medical professional present. This means in New York, only medical spas working under a physician are allowed to perform these procedures. If our licensed estheticians aren’t allowed to dermaroll... you shouldn’t either!

The Safe DIY: ZIIP

Microcurrent also penetrates into the dermis, but it does so safely and without puncturing the skin. The electric current never goes deeper than it’s supposed to go. You can use this device at home with similar results.

The Professional Tool: Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a manual form of extreme exfoliation. A licensed professional removes the outer layer of the skin, along with any baby hairs! This results in smooth skin with a refined texture.

The At-Home Copy: Face Razors

At-home dermaplaning has been made popular by the makeup industry, as it results in smooth, luminous skin — the perfect canvas for any complexion products. While most of these razors are ‘single use’, there is no guarantee this process is 100% sanitary from home. Plus if you push too hard on the skin, you can compromise the barrier, leading to a rash, infection, or even scarring.

The Safe DIY: Joanna Vargas Sheet Masks

We’re going to be candid with you here — there isn’t a great at-home option. We 100% recommend going to a professional for this type of treatment. For an instant gratification glow at home, reach for a hydrating Joanna Vargas Sheet mask right after you exfoliate.

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