How To: A Full Body, At-Home Facial

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How To: A Full Body, At-Home Facial

By Hanna Yowell

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There’s a defining part of everyone’s skincare journey when they learn that their body should have a skincare routine, too. (Yup, all of your skin gets to be exfoliated, moisturized, etc. similarly to how you take care of your face.) If right here, right now is that pivotal moment for you — welcome! We (and the skin on the other 90% of your body) are thrilled you’re here.
Body Skincare, Explained

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, but oftentimes, we hyper-focus on the skin from the neck up—rather than taking care from head to toe. However, all skin plays a critical role in keeping us protected from the outside world and regulating systems in the body (such as temperature regulation and immune defense). If you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet that keeping this organ protected and healthy is super important to you, too. The best way to do this? Consistently protecting skin from UV damage, and using moisturizers to prevent irritation and dryness.

You can think of body skincare in two main categories:

  1. The body care you do throughout the day
  2. The body care you do around your bath or shower-time

The three essentials we recommend to keep your skin protected and hydrated all day long include:

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, but oftentimes, we hyper-focus on the skin from the neck up—rather than taking care from head to toe.

How To Glow From Head To Toe

Bath/shower-time is when body care really shines. On a daily basis, a gentle body wash and moisturizer will be key. But once or twice a week, treat yourself to a full body facial—complete with exfoliation and replenishing treatments. Here’s what our experts recommend to get that full body glow:


Gently Exfoliate With A Dry Brush:
Dry brushing is an ancient technique to promote lymphatic drainage, essentially increasing circulation so skin is left soft and invigorated.

During The Shower

Refresh Mind And Body:
This gently foaming cleanser wipes away oils, grimes, and other impurities while helping clear the mind and restore focus thanks to an essential oil blend.

Slough Away Cells:
Whether you’re looking to stave off body acne or prep skin for shaving, this nourishing scrub decongests while soothing to prevent irritation.


Boost Moisture And Glow:
This divine oil instantly restores moisture to the skin even after the toastiest shower. Use it just like Victoria Beckham does (this oil is her go-to!)—“straight out of the shower when [her] skin is still a little wet.”

Finish With A Mask To Replenish And Restore:
After cleansing, apply this mask to your face, neck, and any other small patches that could use a boost of resilience. “It’s amazing for dehydration, inflammation, and building collagen and elastin,” says Heyday Skincare Educator Chrissy Carrano.

Also Because You Just Deserve It

We’ve established that taking care of the skin on your body is essential for helping it maintain its day-to-day functions. But additionally, setting aside some time each week to indulge in this full body facial can also be time to tend to yourself and the spots that might not normally get as much love. (Elbows and heels, we’re looking at you!)

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