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Meet Our Brand Partner Community

By Hanna Yowell

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There are many incredible communities within the Heyday community. One that has a special place in our hearts? The brilliant, thoughtful Brand Partners behind your favorite skincare. Read on to learn these founders' inspiring stories, as well as what community means to them, and which of their products we especially can't live without.
Dr. Loretta

Dr. Loretta 

Founded by Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, M.D., FAAD

Tell us about your brand’s community.

I’ve created products for people in their 20s and 30s who are looking for prevention or correction of acne as well as early unwanted skin aging changes, to people in their 60s to 80s who care about keeping their skin as fresh and vibrant as possible. Our community, much like our business itself, is multigenerational. It's not uncommon for a daughter and mother to both be part of our community. And, we stress that men need skincare as much as women. 

What inspired you to join the Heyday community?

​​I have tremendous respect for the Heyday leaders, team, and clients. Since we are medically-based, we believe it is important to have retailers who are professionals themselves. This really jumpstarts best results by recommending the correct products to each client.

Heyday’s Dr. Loretta Holy Grail: Tightening Eye Gel

Barbara Close


Founded by Barbara Close

Tell us about your brand’s community.

I think the idea that an imbalance such as acne or eczema can be treated simply with the application of a topical product is outdated. Holistic skincare looks at beauty through the lens of health and examines how factors such as diet, hormone imbalances, blood sugar, stress, and finally clean skincare all ladder up to healthy, beautiful skin. Our community rejects the superficial definition of conventional beauty and embraces authentic, natural skincare rituals that have stood the test of time.

When do you feel most in your heyday?

Practicing well care rituals! My motto is “That Which Adapts Thrives.” The more we can learn to stay fluid and adapt to stress, the stronger we will be. Herbs are very good at helping us do that. Plants have been around on this planet a lot longer than humans, and they have survived by being excellent adapters. Next time you feel stressed, massage a botanical face oil into your skin and drink a cup of tea. Then slip into the warm embrace of an herbal bath. The perfect heyday moment!

Heyday’s Naturopathica Holy Grail: Lavender Honey Balancing Mist

Trinity Mouzon Wofford


Founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Tell us about your brand’s community.

As a consumer in the wellness space before founding Golde, I was feeling really caught between the "crunchy granola" stuff I'd grown up with, and the next wave of offerings which felt super luxe and prestige – I knew there was a gap in the market! Golde is for everyone who wants to feel like their best self, but especially for people like me who didn't feel represented by those two ends of the industry's spectrum.

When do you feel most in your heyday?

I feel most in my heyday when I can have a moment in nature! Whether it's working in my garden (hello quarantine hobby!), walking around the block before work, or going for a weekend drive in the mountains, it's so important to me to fill my cup with some fresh air and time away from my inbox.

Ju Rhyu

Hero Cosmetics

Founded by Ju Rhyu

What inspired you to launch your brand?

I grew up battling mild to moderate acne, and my dry and sensitive skin didn't like the widely available harsh ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide. I understood firsthand how breakouts could affect confidence and mental health. When I tried hydrocolloid acne patches for the first time, I was shocked and amazed by not only how well they worked, but also the speed with which I saw results. I felt better about my skin and about myself. I created Mighty Patch and our line of Hero Cosmetics to help reveal the Hero that exists inside everyone because acne breakouts certainly don't make you feel like one.

Tell us about your brand’s community.

We're all people who have experienced breakouts currently or at some point in our lives. A lot of our innovations and new products come from our own collective acne experience and the products we wanted or would've liked to have. The ideas also come from our community of consumers, creators, and retail partners. They tell us what they want and need in their acne care, and we always listen. Hero truly is a "for us, by us" type of brand because who can understand the acne journey besides other people who have experienced breakouts?

Heyday’s Hero Cosmetics Holy Grail: Mighty Patch Variety Pack

Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook

Founded by Josh Rosebrook

Tell us about your brand’s community.

From day one it has been about our community. My clients have had a hands-on role in developing our products, they’ve shown me what they needed and what worked. The core inspiration has always been to help them feel more beautiful — to help them have their best skin and hair. It’s a daily celebration of our shared love of skincare, self-care, and products, but it’s also about life, wellness, and aging — everything! I don’t know what I'd do without these wonderful people on this journey.

When do you feel most in your heyday?

When I'm creating new products and knee-deep in research — focused on making the most efficacious formulations imaginable.

Heyday’s Josh Rosebrook Holy Grail: Hydrating Accelerator

Shaffali Miglani


Founded by Shaffali Miglani

What inspired you to launch your brand?

My brand is inspired by my Indian heritage and American upbringing. From a young age, my mother inspired me by creating amazing masks and creams using herbs and spices native to India, used in many Ayurvedic remedies. I'm fascinated by the intersection of Ancient Healing traditions, especially from the East and Western Psychology. This interest is reflected in our skincare line through combining adaptogenic ayurvedic herbs and spices with aromatherapy blends that induce positive feelings as well as our mantras. The positive affirmations on each of our products really speak to the part of each of us that wants to feel empowered, loved, and accepted, while the ayurvedic and aromatherapeutic ingredients work their magic.

When do you feel most in your heyday?

When I am practicing things that light me up! I recently published my first book, which is part-memoir, and part-spiritual guide: What Lights You Up? Reflections of a Modern Mystic. Writing lights me up and makes me feel like I’m in my heyday, just like continuing to practice my at-home facial ritual which I began as a teen. And, of course, whenever I visit Heyday.

Heyday’s Shaffali Holy Grail: Pineapple & Peppermint Facial Exfoliant

Dr. Gary Goldfaden

Goldfaden MD

Founded by Dr. Gary Goldfaden, M.D.

What inspired you to launch your brand?

I remember developing formulas for my wife and young children as they began to encounter various skin issues — it was a genuine and instinctive passion. As I gained experience in [dermatology] private practice, I realized just how significant preventative at-home skincare could be for my patients. My daughter and daughter-in-law had witnessed the powerful results from the bespoke treatments I crafted for my patients and saw the promise of expanding my “clean-ical” formulations on a greater scale. Thus GOLDFADEN MD was created, marrying my half-century legacy of research-driven innovation and emphasis on holistic solutions.

What inspired you to join the Heyday community?

Being able to watch the lives of so many people transform through the way of dermatological practices has touched me so much and is what keeps me motivated on a daily basis. Partnering with Heyday has allowed us to engage with a larger self-care focused audience that values their health and wellbeing. We wholeheartedly believe in Heyday’s approach to achieving optimal skin health for each individual by creating customized skin treatment regimens for each individual’s skin goals.

Heyday’s Goldfaden MD Holy Grail: Bright Eyes Dark Circle Concentrate

Ada Polla

Alchimie Forever

Founded by Ada Polla

Tell us about your brand’s community.

The Alchimie community is tight-knit and extremely passionate about skincare. We share the belief that looking good, means feeling good, means doing good, and that taking care of our skin is an essential part of being our best selves. We are family-owned and family-run, and our team members and users are an extension of our family. We believe that our skin is the mirror of our soul and that taking care of our skin daily, effectively, and gently, is essential to our self-care. Self-care through skincare.

What inspired you to join the Heyday community?

I am so grateful to have started working with Heyday before the first shop’s opening. Immediately upon hearing of this new concept focused on skin and education, I knew it was the right fit for my brand. Alchimie's commitment to self-care through skincare has always been in alignment with Heyday’s commitment to helping people discover their best skin. We both understand skincare products and treatments not as a luxury, but as an essential part of skin health.

Heyday’s Alchimie Forever Holy Grail: Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask

Janna Ronert

Image Skincare

Founded by Janna Ronert

What inspired you to launch your brand?

My inspiration came from my own skin issues. As an esthetician and someone suffering from rosacea, I chose to make my own products to solve my own skin issue. Then, it became much bigger than me. It was a vision to help the world “Age Later” with clinically proven products, backed by science, that deliver real results.

Tell us about your brand’s community.

Our community is truly one of the strongest and most dedicated to our mission. Our motto is: “Try it and within 24 hours your skin will be the judge.” If your skin feels different, you know it is working. We know the power of clean clinical ingredients and love sharing and experiencing that with our community.

Heyday’s Image Skincare Holy Grail: Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque

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