Member Moment 04: Margie & Isabelle

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Member Moment 04: Margie & Isabelle

By Hanna Yowell

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In this special installment of Member Moment, we’re celebrating our September Membership Appreciation Event with a spotlight on two of the members who’ve been here since day one: Margie and her daughter Isabelle. “We’ve both been fangirling since the early days on Broadway!" says Margie.

Meet Mother-Daughter Duo Margie and Isabelle

Margie—Consigliere at Marine Lane, Isabelle—Student

Why are you a Heyday Member?

Margie: You know when you have a favorite restaurant and every time you go you are so happy…until the day you aren’t. The food isn’t as good, the service is off, your love bubble is blown. Well, it is the opposite with Heyday. Every time I think I could not have a better facial, meet a nicer esthetician or have a better experience—the team at Heyday blows me away with greatness. I am a tough cookie with a high bar, and the crew at Heyday just keeps delivering better and better. And that says a lot because I loved it from day one!

Isabelle: I have been tagging along with my mom to Heyday since the beginning. It has instilled a simple skincare routine that truly works for me. Getting facials is a great thing for us to do together. We are both so peaceful, relaxed and happy. By the time we’re done, we are good to lunch, shop, and walk about—without any eye-rolls and raised voices!

"Getting facials is a great thing for us to do together. We are both so peaceful, relaxed and happy."

How has your skincare journey evolved since joining Heyday?

Margie: I wear SPF every day. I didn’t used to, and I’ve been lovingly encouraged to incorporate it into my routine. I have to admit I’m still a tiny bit lazy about doing all the steps myself on a regular basis—which is also part of the reason I love and need Heyday! I am a stubborn woman with hard-earned bad habits (can you say baby oil in the 70s?!), but I do try a little harder every day!

What’s one tip/trick that you have learned from your esthetician?

Margie: Don't give up! And sunscreen, sunscreen, and then more sunscreen!

Isabelle: Make sure to exfoliate at least once a week. 

What’s the holy grail skincare product that you can’t live without?

Margie: Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer SPF 32, because hey, sunscreen.

Isabelle: Supergoop! sunscreen. I use this product everyday so I don’t age too quickly, and I am my mother's daughter—with a twist! 

Why is taking care of your skin important to you?

Margie: Because I plan on living to some ripe old age, and I always want to put my best face forward. I don't mind aging at all, I just want to do it as naturally, easily, and gracefully as I can.

Isabelle: Life seems to always take twists and turns when you are least expecting. My skin is something that I feel like I have control over in a world where that seems nearly impossible. 

"I don't mind aging at all, I just want to do it as naturally, easily, and gracefully as I can."

When do you feel most confident, comfortable, or "at home" in your own skin?

Margie: After 27+ years of therapy (thank you Dr. D.), I am pretty much always comfortable in my own skin. It got easier every decade after 30; I worry less, laugh at myself more, and make a point of not sweating what I can't control. I am especially happy in my own skin after a really hard work out and I'm sweating like a teenage boy.  I love pushing myself to do hard things and things that scare the bejesus out of me.

Isabelle: I've worked out. Made my bed. Listened to The Daily. Walked my pup in the park. All of those things add up to zen for me! 

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

Margie: I bought a Peloton five years ago after I got unceremoniously fired from a job. That damn bike has been my savior. I regularly ride through the French countryside and watch MSNBC marathons or shite TV shows. There is a lot to be said for the palliative powers of low culture.

Isabelle: Listening to my body! As a college senior, I tend to push myself in every way possible. Unfortunately, excess has its dark side. It’s important to me to sometimes lay low, watch Curb your Enthusiasm repeats with my roommates, and gua sha the night away!

What’s the last thing you read or watched that you’d recommend?

Margie: Here, Right Matters by Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman. It is nice to know that there are still people with a strong moral compass, sense of country, duty, and integrity. This book reaffirmed my faith in mankind.

Isabelle: No One Asked for This by Cazzie David. You're in for a real good laugh!

Is there a quote, mantra, or lyric that you live by?

Margie: “One should always be drunk...with wine, with poetry, or with virtue as you choose. But get drunk.” - Charles Baudelaire

What organizations and initiatives are you inspired by that are making the world a better place?

Margie: The Yellow Tulip Project was started by my niece and sister about five years ago.  It's a youth-led organization dedicated to smashing the stigma around mental illness and letting kids and everyone struggling know that there is always hope and help out there.

Isabelle: Imagine Water Works is making a meaningful impact in New Orleans, especially after Hurricane Ida.  Plus, The Yellow Tulip Project and Green Disco! Amazing people making a real difference in the world.

What in your life are you most grateful for?

Margie: My kid.

What’s something you recently learned?

Margie: Pickleball—oh yes, I'm of that age!

Isabelle: Take everything with a grain of salt. Nothing is too bad if you don't take it too seriously. 

What's your most listened to Spotify playlist?

Isabelle: My Summer '21 playlist. Applicable for the fall, too!

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