Pregnancy-Safe Skincare For New & Expecting Moms

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Pregnancy-Safe Skincare For New & Expecting Moms

By Alex Scoffell

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Whether you’re pregnant or know a new or expecting mom, this guide is intended to help bring clarity to skincare during a time when there seems to be so many rules. Those that are pregnant audit their diets and care regimens to ensure both they and their baby are supported during this time. This also applies to skincare!

How Your Skin Can Change, Explained

Parenthood is a life stage many look forward to, but the realities of what pregnancy can do to the body can be overwhelming: swollen feet, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, hormonal acne, hair loss, and sleepless nights. We’re here to help mamas — old and new — overcome some of these challenges unique to pregnancy. 

“When you are pregnant, the imbalance in hormones can produce melasma, which looks like hyperpigmentation on the skin,” says Heyday Skincare Educator Alexandra Serron. “This yo-yo of hormones during and after pregnancy can also lead to dryness, dermatitis, and even acne.”

Not only is a pregnant person’s body going through huge hormonal changes, but stress and fatigue from sleepless nights can also have a negative effect on overall skin health.

If you’re pregnant, always talk with your doctor about these changes and seek advice about what specific ingredients or products they recommend staying away from, before trying any new products or remedies at home. And while it can be overwhelming to alter so much of your routine during this time, we want to acknowledge that pregnancy is a sacred experience and shouldn’t be overshadowed by any negative skin changes! Let this also be a time to celebrate the amazing things you and your body are capable of — melasma and all. 

Ingredients & Why They Matter

While it’s always a good thing to be aware of the ingredients in your beauty products, nothing makes you switch on and really pay attention to labels like getting pregnant. There are the more obvious eliminations like caffeine, alcohol, and raw fish — but what about certain ingredients in your beauty routine? 

If you ever have uncertainty about the safety of a product, it’s a good idea to run your current line up by your doctor at the start of your pregnancy. Luckily, most products stocked at Heyday are pregnancy safe, with the exception of our products that contain retinol and salicylic acid — the main ingredients we recommend avoiding during pregnancy.

Treat Acne & Scarring Safely

Salicylic acid and retinol are all-stars for treating breakouts and scarring, but there isn’t sufficient research to prove they are safe for the bébé. In the absence of these ingredients, pregnant people can reach for products with kaolin clay to absorb excess oil and purify the skin, along with vitamin C, which has been known to brighten the skin and help with hyperpigmentation. 

Hydrate & Nourish Stressed Out Skin

Pregnancy and lack of sleep can both dry out the skin, which can in turn lead to uneven texture and congestion. An anti-inflammatory mask or treatment will nourish the skin, bringing back that infamous “glow.” 

Sun Protection Is Key, Always!

You didn’t think we’d let you get through a skincare blog without mentioning SPF, did you? While sunscreen cannot prevent hormonal melasma, it is essential in preventing even more hyperpigmentation from surfacing. You should be applying sunscreen daily no matter what, so during pregnancy it’s important to pay close attention to which type of formula you choose.

“While there is suggestive evidence that chemical sunscreens may be a risk, these claims haven’t been fully proven yet,” says Chrissy Carrano, Heyday Skincare Educator. “To stay on the safe side, we advise to stick to physical sunscreens.”

Treat Those Tired Eyes 

We all know what lack of sleep can do to the eye area. Pro Tip: Put your Gua Sha or Jade Roller in the fridge the night before. After applying eye cream, use the cool stone over the eye area to reduce puffiness.

Aid Fatigue With Self-Care

While we can’t wake up in the middle of the night for you, hopefully these suggestions will add a little ‘zen’ to your day-to-day. Scheduling in some time just for you is essential, like soaking in some calming bath salts, which can make the world of difference when it comes to general relaxation.

Book A Heyday Facial

We all know how beneficial a monthly facial can be — but maybe even more rewarding if you’re a new or expecting mama! Whether it’s to target specific skin conditions, or for a facial & neck massage that is “100% cry worthy” (according to soon-to-be-mom Pia Baroncini — pictured below getting her glow on at Heyday!), our expert estheticians can cater to any of your pre- or post-pregnancy needs. 

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