Tackle Holiday Season Skin Freakouts

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Tackle Holiday Season Skin Freakouts

By Janell Hickman

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As much as the holidays bring about joy and celebration, stress is often an unwelcome guest that shows up each year as well. Pair it with lifestyle and diet changes, and it’s a recipe for new skin conditions—like uneven texture, acne, excess oil, or dry skin. Let’s dig into why this happens as well what to do if it does.
What The Holidays Can Do To Our Skin

ICYMI, pretty much every aspect of our lives impacts the way our skin looks and feels; and our diets, stress levels, and lifestyle habits aren’t an exception. Furthermore, thanks to some of our favorite, most delicious holiday traditions, these factors can be even further heightened this time of year, and here’s why:

Sugar dehydrates the skin, which in turn increases oil production, one of the major causes of breakouts. Alcohol is another contributor to skin dehydration, causing capillaries to dilate and explaining why under-eye circles appear more prominent the morning after a few glasses of pinot. Stress can also exacerbate certain skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and acne. And finally, less exercise and movement can lead to a lack of circulation in the bloodstream, which is needed to keep skin cells nourished and oxygenated.

All of this to say, if your skin is acting up around the holidays, you’re not alone and there’s a scientific reason it’s happening. But never fear, we’ve got a variety of solutions for any seasonal skincare woe.

What You Can Do About It

First things first, anticipate what you’ll need in your holiday skincare arsenal. Love mom’s mulled wine? Rejuvenating eye patches are a must. Gingerbread house-making on the agenda? Stock up on a detoxifying acne mask that doubles as a spot treatment.

Besides these S.O.S. products, there are also a few things our experts recommend adding into your regular routine to prevent conditions from flaring up. The cult-fave Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant forms a deep-cleaning foam, penetrating the pores to give you a brighter, polished glow. Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is an excellent weekly treatment to draw out impurities from underneath your skin’s surface with the help of repairing peptides and green tea leaf extract. Plus, make sure to thoroughly remove any makeup or product at the end of each day with a cleanser like Epara’s Cleansing Lotion.

If you feel like acne isn’t your issue but rather, inflammation, there’s always self-massage. Get yourself a quality Gua Sha or ice roller, which will help drain your lymphatic system of excess fluid (AKA, the stuff that makes you puffy). Pair it with a calming facial oil for optimal impact.

If your skin is acting up around the holidays, you’re not alone and there’s a scientific reason it’s happening. But never fear, we’ve got a variety of solutions for any seasonal skincare woe.

Other Important Factors

There is no denying the role that diet and product play in keeping your skin healthy. But there are other important factors that shouldn’t go unnoticed such as sleep, exercise, and hydration.

Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep per night so skin has sufficient time to repair and heal itself during this ultra reparative state. Setting aside time to move a few times a week as well also helps promote healthy skin from the inside out. Plus, physical dehydration causes fluid retention in your body, giving your face that puffy feel no matter how much moisturizer you slather on during the day. So keep hydration levels up and believe us, your skin will thank you!

Your Holiday Skincare Stash:
This Detoxing Face Mask

With ingredients like green tea extract, sativa extract, and reparative peptides, this mask will rid your pores of toxin buildup and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

This Skin-Brightening Exfoliant

Polish away impurities with this dead skin cell-sloughing cleanser, which will give your textured skin, a renewed, radiant finish without damage.

This Calming Facial Oil

A multi-tasking oil that calms and hydrates is perfect for pairing with a luxurious facial massage.

This Draining Beauty Tool

Drain the fluid buildup in your face and chest with the lymphatic system-saving Gua Sha.


This article was co-written by Janell Hickman and Hanna Yowell

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