The Under $35 Gift Guide

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The Under $35 Gift Guide

By Hanna Yowell

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High-quality skincare for less, these thoughtfully-selected gifts will delight any coworker or  hometown friend.
For Anyone and Everyone:

Mask-wearing? Excellent. The skin irritation we get sometimes because of it? Not so much. This hydrating serum will be a staple in their regimen to rejuvenate and strengthen post-mask skin.

For The Part-Time Sommeliers:

Puffy wine eyes are no match for these cooling, reviving eye gels that make a noticeable difference in just ten minutes.

For The City Folks:

This high-functioning cleanser removes not only the obvious grime like dirt and makeup, but also unsuspecting environmental pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye.

For Those Who Can’t Go Without Their Green Juice:

Now they can have their greens and wear them too—as a superfood-packed mask. With only four delicious ingredients, this is a simple, detoxifying recipe for instant skin soothing.

For A Significant Other:

Make this mistletoe smooch the softest ever with this gently exfoliating scrub that revives and moisturizes lips.

For Multitaskers And Minimalists Alike:

This hardworking treatment tackles several common skin concerns in one fell swoop—from fine lines to hyperpigmentation.

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