Your Top 6 Acne Qs, Answered

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Your Top 6 Acne Qs, Answered

By Hanna Yowell

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What should I do about breakouts that haven't surfaced, and are still under the skin (aka blind pimples)?

  1. We know it’s tempting...but avoid picking or touching the breakout. This will introduce inflammatory bacteria and prolong the healing process
  2. Use an ice roller nightly on the area to decrease inflammation. Or, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and apply light pressure 1-minute-on, 1-minute-off.
  3. Apply a pimple patch with micropoints that will encourage the blind pimple to come to a head.

How can I fade my Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation – aka the scarring left from breakouts?

  1. Incorporate a brightening ingredient into your routine, like vitamin C, azelaic acid, or niacinamide.
  2. Try LED light therapy at your next facial to soothe inflammation
  3. Wear sunscreen every single day so that the actives in your brightening products can actually get their job done without being inhibited by further damage.

Is there a way to heal and prevent the painful hormonal/cystic acne around my mouth/jawline?

  1. There are many potential triggers to this type of recurring, patterned breakout cycle, such as diet, stress levels, hormonal/gut imbalances, conditions like PCOS, and certain lifestyle habits.
  2. Get in a habit of drinking spearmint tea. Studies indicate spearmint to have an anti-androgenic effect, which reduces hormonal acne-causing sebum production.
  3. Incorporate a retinol into your routine to both prevent and treat regular breakouts

My breakouts are taking forever to go away. How can I speed up the healing process?

  1. If you have several products targeted to treat acne in your lineup, it’s quite possible this is hurting more than helping. Scale back to one targeted treatment (i.e. an exfoliant or a serum) and pop on a hydrocolloid patch overnight for a gentle, but effective, spot treatment.
  2. Acne can take a whole skin cycle (about 28 days) or even longer to heal, so be patient with your products. If nothing seems to be working, and your acne is mostly in grades 3 and 4, you probably want to see a dermatologist for some stronger-than-OTC remedies.

How should I prevent and treat body acne, specifically back-ne?

  1. Assess your current body wash and shampoo situation. You may want to avoid ingredients like sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), fragrance, oils like mineral oil and jojoba oil, and petroleum.
  2. Build a full body shower routine. Dry brushing regularly, exfoliating a couple times a week, and applying a non-comedogenic lotion are great ways to keep pores clear.
  3. Try using a laundry detergent free from fragrances or dyes.

I keep getting acne after wearing my mask around. How can I prevent mask-ne?

  1. Wash or replace your mask between every wear.
  2. Spritz an antiseptic toner lightly into your mask before wearing, and onto your face post-wear.
  3. Incorporate a barrier-repairing oil or moisturizer to soothe and heal the skin. This is imperative when treating and preventing acne.
  4. On active breakouts, we recommend a hydrocolloid pimple patch overnight or even during the day when you have your mask on.

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