The Heyday Esthetician Difference

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The Heyday Esthetician Difference

By Hanna Yowell

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From extra layers of training to understanding the deepest layers of skincare, there are numerous factors that make our Estheticians (also known as Skin Therapists here at Heyday) stand out  from the rest. Let us count the ways...

Who Is An Esthetician? 

But, first—a quick primer: Estheticians are state-licensed skin experts who are trained to promote the health, function, and appearance of skin. 

“An esthetician is trained specifically to know how the skin functions, so they know all the intricacies of why something is happening on the skin. This way, they can target the root cause, rather than just putting a bandage on something,” says Heyday Director of Skincare Education Shea Amiruddin.

Esthetician training is completed at a vocational school and provides the essential knowledge required to understand skin—from how the skin works to what ingredients, tools, and techniques are best to treat specific conditions. 

Who is A Heyday Esthetician?

They Are Trained Above-And-Beyond

In addition to being a licensed esthetician, a Heyday esthetician completes an additional series of training known as “Foundations.” This set of courses builds upon the knowledge they’ve learned in their respective training and years of experience working in the industry. Foundations solidifies this knowledge and also teaches the ways of the Heyday Skin Therapist. Taught by our fantastic Regional and Shop Educators across the country, Foundations provides hands-on training to elevate and refine their skills as an esthetician. Elements include theory on advanced skin analysis, the intricacies of every skin type and condition, ingredient and product technology, and training for the advanced tools they’ll be using during Heyday facials. 

Heyday New York Regional Educators

Three of our wonderful Regional Educators: Alex, Glenise, and Chrissy

Continuing education and a supportive community are also of paramount priority—from collaborative workshops to our online learning platform. 

Heyday has implemented a brand new learning and development program to support a hybrid learning experience. As we continue to grow the Heyday community our North Star has always been to develop platform for Skin Therapists to grow and learn from one another. Our online learning system gives everyone at Heyday the opportunity for continued education and professional development throughout their journey here,” says Regional Educator Chrissy Carrano.

They Are Passionate About And Fluent In Skincare

Our Skin Therapists are contagiously passionate about skincare and educating clients about their own skin—from how the skin behaves to what ingredients are best for each skin type and condition. They talk fluently about every aspect of skincare, creating a link between each element of the facial (from your skin analysis to the products and tools we use) to how it will help you reach your skin goals. But, we do it without the jargon, communicating tips and knowledge in an approachable, easy-to-digest manner.

They Are Turning The Typical Role Of An Esthetician On Its Head

An integral aspect of Heyday training is empowering our Skin Therapists to break free from the typical spa/facial model that typically performs the same facial with the same ingredients on every client. We do not believe in this impersonal, cookie cutter protocol for every client—rather, no two Heyday facials are the same, because no two faces are the same. Your facial is personalized on-the-spot based on what our Skin Therapists see today and what you’ll need tomorrow.

“Many estheticians come to Heyday for this exact reason. We allow them to take the knowledge that they have about skin and utilize that to craft the most personalized treatment and facial for their guest,” says Shea.

Heyday Esthetician Training

Heyday Skin Therapists receive hands-on enhancement training during our Foundations sessions.

What Can A Heyday Esthetician Do For Me?

In addition to receiving the best care for your skin, we also empower you to become an expert in your skin’s care. Heyday Skin Therapists are dedicated to helping clients reach your goals through professional treatments and recommended homecare.

Here’s how our Skin Therapists take care for your skin in and out of the treatment room:

They Reset And Check In On Your Skin With Monthly Facials

Totally customized to your skin’s needs and goals, your Skin Therapist will perform a comprehensive facial treatment to refresh and reset your skin for the month ahead. Elements may include professional-level extractions, exfoliation, facial massage, and more! Plus, add on an enhancement like Gua Sha or LED Light Therapy to boost your results and reach your goals even faster.

Built around your skin cells’ monthly renewal cycle, Our Membership includes a customized facial, plus member pricing on proven products to maintain the glow at home.

Get glowing with our incredible Skin Therapists! We can’t wait to see your face.

Heyday Rittenhouse

Our wonderful Rittenhouse team!

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