How To Incorporate New Products Into Your Routine

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How To Incorporate New Products Into Your Routine

By Hanna Yowell

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Whether a new product is en route, you have a few sitting in your cart, or you have a condition you’d like to tackle, there are a few things to note before you add something to your routine. First, you’ll want to assess and prioritize your skin goals. Once you’ve picked out products that are right for your skin type and condition, always spot test to introduce products gradually and evaluate any reactions as you go.

What Are You Trying To Accomplish

People often add new products to their skincare routine to specifically address conditions they’re experiencing. For example, you might want to quench dehydration that’s popped up thanks to dropping temps, or maybe add some acne-fighting products to deal with a breakout. Perhaps what you’re currently using isn’t doing the trick, or maybe you don’t yet have the product you need. A routine audit might also be needed when your skincare goals are different than, say, a year ago when you chose your current routine. “It’s important to assess both your products and your goals so you can meet your skin where it’s at,” says Heyday Skincare Educator Jeni Montoya.

But, never fear, you don’t have to do this alone. Our Skin Quiz will recommend products specifically tailored to both your personal skin type and conditions. Plus, you can now tap the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of our site to consult with a skincare expert directly.

Let's Get Started

We know how exciting it can be to get a shiny, new product. But there are a couple things to keep in mind when you’re first introducing a new product. First, introduce one product at a time. This way, you’ll be able to see what each product is doing for skin. Isolate each new addition by waiting a month between introducing anything else.

Also, before you use a product all over your face or body, make sure to patch test it first to identify if your skin is compatible. Apply a small amount of the product to a patch of skin that’s not your face (we recommend the skin right behind your ear). While you won’t be able to tell if your skin is reaping all the product’s benefits quite yet, you will be able to spot negative reactions. Any reactions will likely occur within a day, but could take up to two or three, so we recommend waiting a few days before full-face application. You’ll want to look out for anything uncomfortable or weird like redness, bumps, or itchiness. If any of which occur, discontinue use.

You may have heard of the term “purging” or that sometimes when introducing new products “your skin will get worse before it gets better.” Our experts say this will only sort of happen in a few situations. One, if you’re new to getting facials and your skin experiences a massage or a peel for the first time, there is a slight chance of experiencing brief irritation as your skin just isn’t used to these experiences quite yet. Similarly, if you’re brand new to using products with active ingredients, like active cleansers and exfoliants, your skin will go through an initial process of uncapping potential clogs to increase cell renewal. But, any potential breakout activity should be brief. Finally, more potent ingredients like retinol may cause skin to flake or become irritated as you initially introduce it to your routine, which (if it’s tolerable and managed well by moisturizing) can be okay. However, if a product makes you breakout for weeks on end after you start using it, it’s likely that your skin is not a fan of it, or that the new product is interacting negatively with something else in your routine.

You’ve Gotta Have Patience

Most products have some immediate results, but be patient for long-term benefits to settle in. “With a moisturizer that works for you, you’ll immediately experience more hydrated, supple skin,” explains Heyday Skincare Educator Chrissy Carano. “To see the full benefits of an eye cream or serum, you’ll likely have to wait 4-6 weeks to see the full benefits. But, everything is going to be cumulative.”

If you’ve waited that long and still aren’t seeing any of the promised benefits, you can stop using it after a month. Try giving the product to a friend or finishing it off until you secure a better replacement.

Your Routine Is Irrelevant Without This One Product

“It doesn’t make any sense to invest in a routine if you’re not protecting against UV degeneration and free radical damage,” advises Heyday Skincare Educator Glenise Gomez. What may be a harsh pill for some to swallow is a simple truth: your other skincare products are essentially worthless without SPF, which helps protect not only your skin, but also your investment in your whole routine. For example, why would you invest in an acne-fighting routine without a sunscreen to help inflammation heal and hyperpigmentation fade? Or, why would you pick up a nice serum with retinol or with age-defying properties if you aren’t protecting against the sun—which causes 90% of skin’s aging?

What may be a harsh pill for some to swallow is a simple truth: your other skincare products are essentially worthless without SPF, which helps protect not only your skin, but also your investment in your whole routine.

Add This To Your Routine If...

Our experts identified some of the most common conditions and requests they receive from clients, from hyperpigmentation to body care.

You’re Experiencing Dark Spots From Breakouts

Fade hyperpigmentation that a blemish has left behind with this multi-corrective, hydrating treatment that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.

You Aren’t Wearing SPF Daily—Yet

A daily sunscreen is key to prevent sun damage and reinforce every other step in your routine. This dual SPF/moisturizer is an ideal intro as it works double time (two steps in one!) while giving you a subtle, healthy glow.

You Want To Incorporate A Retinol, But Don’t Know Where To Start

By using nourishing, anti-inflammatory ingredients, this gorgeous oil provides all the skin enhancing benefits of retinol without the often associated flaking and irritation.

Your Current Cleanser Is Leaving Your Skin Tight And Stripped

This ultra-hydrating cleanser simultaneously targets hydrated cell layers while washing away impurities without ever drying or stripping natural oils away.

You Want A Natural Deodorant That Works

If you’ve always wanted to switch to a natural deodorant, but didn’t want to sacrifice quality to do so, this effective, but long-lasting vegan formula will do the trick.

You Want To Take Your Skincare From Head To Toe

Slough away dead skin while absorbing dirt and bacteria from your pores with this antioxidant-rich body scrub that leaves skin smooth and polished.

Go Slow And Steady

From introducing new skincare products to waiting for results, think of these processes like the tortoise and the hare—it’s a marathon not a sprint. Our hare friend, seeking instant gratification, was way too impatient and his skin (er, fur?) is probably super tired and irritated. The tortoise on the other hand? She is a glowy queen, as she took her time, adding products slowly and steadily.

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