Skincare Sets: A Results-Driven Add To Your Routine

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Skincare Sets: A Results-Driven Add To Your Routine

By Hanna Yowell

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Whenever a new condition pops up—whether it’s a pimple or dry patch—our first tendency is oftentimes to treat it like a chemistry experiment. We’ve all been there: combining any and all available products and potions, crossing our fingers this alchemy will create some skin-saving magic overnight. But, what if you could just get results, without guessing or potential skin-wreaking ordeals?

Well, that’s why we concocted our latest launch. Curated by our licensed estheticians, we’re so excited to finally share with you our new skincare sets—specifically paired to work better together at treating whatever condition you’ve got going on.

Expert-Paired Combos

These five targeted sets address the most common skin concerns we see:

  1. The Hydrating Duo for quenching dehydration
  2. The Clearing Trio for eradicating breakouts and blackheads
  3. The Brightening Trio for treating dullness and hyperpigmentation
  4. The Calming Duo for soothing inflammation
  5. The Renewing Trio for addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity

Each set of products contains two to three products that were specifically chosen because while they’re great individually, these combos reach their optimal efficacy when used together. For example, in the Hydrating Duo, you’ll want to spritz on the Stone Crop Mist first as it will increase the absorption of the Intense Replenishing Serum. The mist is chivalrous and opens the door for more potent active ingredients in the serum to further penetrate the skin.

Not only are the products designed to work better together, we’ve also decreased the price-per-product when you purchase them as a set. “You’ll see an improvement with a skincare set because the estheticians at Heyday have grouped these products together to target specific conditions, giving you the best bang for your buck,” says Heyday Education Director Shea Amiruddin.

Shea says that these skincare sets are especially ideal if you’re new to skincare and/or you want to jump in and tackle a condition you’ve been experiencing. If you have no clue which products to use, or if you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is really working—sets are the way to go.

A Foolproof Addition To Your Routine

“The best thing about these sets is that these combinations have been tailored so just about everyone can use them based on their conditions,” says Shea. As long as you have no contraindications, like allergies or pregnancy, these sets can be used by essentially any skin type.

Plus (contrary to our usual advice!), these skincare sets can actually be introduced at once. In fact, they were selected to work better when incorporated together, as each product complements and boosts the other(s). Once you patch test all two or three products separately, you’re good to incorporate them all simultaneously into your routine. We explain more on patch testing and reactions here, so make sure to give that a read.

Instead of wasting time and money experimenting on solutions, you can be confident knowing these professionally-picked combos will effectively and efficiently treat their designated skin conditions.

Choosing The Right Skincare Set

Now’s the fun part! Which condition are you itching to finally start tackling once and for all?

Banish Blackheads and Breakouts

This antibacterial, anti-inflammatory power trio controls oil and provides lightweight hydration—an essential but often neglected step in an acne-clearing protocol.

Brighten Dullness and Fade Dark Spots

This healing trio brightens skin from the inside out, correcting uneven complexion, fading dark spots, and protecting from further hyperpigmentation.

Renew and Repair Signs of Aging

Three active ingredient-packed products prevent free radical damage, reduce fine lines, and stimulate cell repair for a renewed, youthful glow.

Hydrate Parched, Lackluster Skin

This hydrating powerhouse duo infuses cells with water and nutrients for softer, plumper, more supple skin.

Calm Down Stressed Skin

Soothe irritation and inflammation with this complimentary duo that work together to strengthen skin, repair damage, and protect against future stressors.

Trust The Process

While these duos and trios are designed for efficient results, it’s still important to remember that skincare is ultimately a journey. “Be patient when implementing new products into your routine,” advises Shea. Treating any condition, even with the best products, will take time and patience. “Just know that you’re taking the steps to get your skin healthy. You’ll have to wait a healthy skin cycle (typically 4-6 weeks) to start seeing major results, but it will be worth it!”

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