What To Swap In Your Routine For Fall And Winter

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What To Swap In Your Routine For Fall And Winter

By Hanna Yowell

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Swapping your summer linens for your fall layers isn’t the only swap that’s needed as the seasons shift. As temps start to change, so should your skincare. No matter if your winters look like a polar vortex à la Chicago or just slightly-less-warm like LA, there are still steps to take to keep your skin hydrated and glowy throughout the fall and winter months.

Why Change Your Routine?

“Seasons change—people change!,” says Heyday Skincare Educator Glenise Gomez. As the temps start to dip and humidity decreases, our skincare routines should help our skin compensate for and cope with these fluctuations. “This is your chance to lavish yourself in emollient oils and lipid-rich balms,” recommends Gomez. Fall and winter are the seasons for leave-on treatments, like moisturizing masks and thicker creams. Your skin will especially benefit from products loaded with humectants that are going to help bind moisture to the skin and restore your lipid barrier that can be compromised thanks to a colder climate and less humidity.

But before you make any product swaps, “assess the state of your skin and take inventory of your goals,” advises Heyday Skincare Educator Jeni Montoya. For example, you might have been using a brightening serum in the summer, but may want to switch that out for a more hydrating, reparative serum for the winter.

No matter if your winters look like a polar vortex à la Chicago or just slightly-less-warm like LA, there are still routine swaps to be made to keep your skin hydrated and glowy throughout the fall and winter months.

Summer To Fall

This particular shift requires a delicate balance, as temps can be about as indecisive as you trying to pick which of Netflix’s million and two shows to watch next. One day it’s picnic-in-the-park warm, the next it’s switch-to-hot-coffee-chilly. So, how should you adjust your skincare? To keep your skin nimble and start preparing for the elements, you’ll want to make subtle, but impactful skincare swaps. Keep your core products the same for now, like your cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF. Your targeted treatments are where you get to have some fun.

If you’re experiencing any post-summer skin damage (like hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and congestion), you’ll want to bump up your exfoliation a notch while still maintaining hydration to keep skin balanced. If you’ve been thinking about introducing a retinol (aka the only FDA-approved ingredient known to actually reverse aging in the skin!), this is the best time of year to do so. Because retinol has an exfoliating effect on the skin, your skin may be more sensitive to the sun, so go ahead and take advantage of the fewer daylight hours. Plus, no matter what skin type you are, adding a facial oil to your routine is key for this time of year. This addition helps your skin cope with rapidly changing humidity levels as well as strengthens your skin barrier to prepare for colder winter temps.

Fall To Winter

During this period of particular dryness and coldness, “your skin is definitely going to be more vulnerable as you become more prone to dehydration and sensitivity,” Montoya warns. Winter is all about going into full-on defense mode, shifting the basics to protect and heal the skin. Now is the time to swap your thinner, summer moisturizers out for a thicker cream. Also take a moment to make sure you’re applying this step correctly in the first place. Your creams need something to latch onto so they can absorb properly, so always apply moisturizers to damp skin. Dampen skin with a hydrating toner, serum, or just a bit of water right before you apply any creams. Also, show some love to some skin that might be more overlooked than other steps in your routine—like lips and the rest of your body. A lip exfoliant and mask are best friends during this time, as are a body oil and lotion (applied thinnest to thickest consistency post shower). If your skin is feeling particularly chapped, a weekly hydrating mask will keep your moisture barrier cozy all winter long.

Seasonal Skincare Products For Fall & Winter

Now that you know why certain products will keep your skin happy and healthy through the coolest months of the year, here are the particular ones our experts recommend.

A Hydrating, Brightening Exfoliant

With 10% glycolic acid balanced with ultra-moisturizing glycerin, these exfoliating pads pack a punch when it comes to resurfacing and renewing skin.

A Vitamin-Rich Retinol

This gentle, but highly effective formulation is ideal for newbies and retinol lovers alike. Apply in the evenings to reverse signs of aging, boost skin’s radiance, and even out tone.

A Facial Oil To Lock In Hydration

This lightweight, healing vitamin boost is beloved in and out of our treatment rooms. Use this cocktail of natural healers daily to defend, soothe, and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

A Sunscreen To Stay Protected

Even if you’re not spending as much time outside, sunscreen is still an everyday must-have. This multipurpose moisturizer and SPF protects against and repairs past UV damage.

A Complementary Lip Treatment

Lips need skincare, too! Polish away dry lip skin and restore hydration with this luxurious duo that revives a chapped, chilly pout. 

A Moisturizer Upgrade

This antioxidant-rich night cream enhances your skin’s ability to repair and replenish itself, so you’ll wake up with a youthful, glowing complexion even in the face of winter.

A Hydrating Face Mask

Sometimes your skin just needs some extra TLC. Try one of these ultra-nourishing treatments to instantly soothe and calm irritated, chapped skin.

Welcome In A New Season With A Facial

Stopping in for a Heyday facial is the ideal way to reset your skin for the new season ahead, as well as a chance to check in with a pro regarding your changing routine. Fall and winter facials specifically focus on clearing congestion from months of summer sun exposure, as well as adding a healthy dose of hydration to prep skin for cooler weather. Plus, this is the best time of year to add on certain enhancements like a professional peel (to target hyperpigmentation, breakouts, and signs of aging) or microdermabrasion (to reduce congestion and the appearance of sun damage) for softer, rejuvenated skin that stays healthy with the seasons.

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