10 Heyday Clients On Why They're Thankful For Their Skin Therapist

10 Heyday Clients On Why They're Thankful For Their Skin Therapist

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Warning, feelings ahead.

Skincare is a journey. Sometimes it's easy and you can't even remember what you were struggling with. Sometimes something pops up (don't pick it 😜) without warning and you suddenly feel overwhelmed and not like yourself. Like with any relationship, when you find someone you click with, it can be surprisingly emotional.

That's what we found when we asked you to share your stories about why you're grateful for your Skin Therapist. The stories were so good that we knew we had to share a few of them with everyone! There are many more that we'll share over the course of the holiday season but if you'd still like to send yours in, we'd love to hear

  • "I hated getting facials before going to Heyday. After my first facial, I signed up to be a member. I have Lyme Disease and currently take a lot of antibiotics, so my skin is hard to control and makes me very self-conscious. Nicole P. has worked MAGIC on my skin and made me feel more confident. She is a sweetheart and you can tell she loves what she does. She makes an experience I used to dread, very enjoyable. I always look forward to it every month! Thanks, Nicole!" - Charlotte on Nicole P.
  • "Chrissy has brought my skin back from the brink and helped me understand that I'm my own worse enemy (no picking!) I used to be that girl who looked at the floor or away anytime I didn't have concealer on but now I don't even think about it. Freedom!" - Keenan on Chrissy C. 
  • "Tiffany has transformed my skin, and inspires me every single time I see her to focus on gratitude. She is a beautiful person and cares deeply for her clients. Thank you Tiffany!" - Nell on Tiffany G.
  • "She's highly knowledgeable and skilled, but also just a calm and delightful person to be around for the duration of a treatment." - Amelia on Dorota L.
  • "Unfortunately, I can't visit Heyday as often as I'd like to and have only visited Esme once, but in that hour she performed magic! Her suggestions upped my skincare game and over the past few months, my skin is so much better. I will be returning as soon as I can but her advice was, quite honestly, life-changing." - Rachel on Esme P.
  • "I think Christie is pretty much a miracle worker- I ALWAYS leave my appt with her feeling better and looking better, regardless of how I was when I came in. She knows exactly what to do with whatever my skin is going through, has tons of tips, always listens to me, and is easy to talk to. Would go to her every week if I could!" - Katherine on Christie M.
  • "This sounds so corny but Samantha M. not only brightens my skin, but she brightens my day. I decided to give Heyday a shot 3 months before my wedding and it was the best decision I’ve ever made (aside from marrying my husband). My skin has never been clearer. Samantha took the time to perfect my skin care routine and make sure that each product fit my lifestyle. I’m so grateful for Samantha and UES Heyday!" - Callie M on Samantha M.
  • "Joy has become more than a skin therapist to me-- she's become my friend. I'm thankful for the laughs and life conversations she shares with me each month." - Fab on Joy E.
  • "She always goes above and beyond, and makes recommendations in the moment. I always feel like I leave with glowing skin and appreciate that she puts together a facial that is specific to how my skin is currently looking and feeling, rather than just doing the exact same regime each time. My complexion has improved so much since I started at Heyday over 2 years ago now! Thanks Aksana!" - on Aksana B.
  • "I’ve struggled with acne since I was 11 (I’m now 29), and I’ve never had the confidence to rock a fresh face in public. Up until earlier this year when I found Alix, I’ve consistently had breakouts on top of scarring from old breakouts. Alix is a true skincare goddess who listened to my concerns, created a treatment plan that was tailored to my skin, answers my questions no matter how silly I think they are, never makes me feel pressured to buy specific products, and always suggests products on both ends of the pricing spectrum so I don’t feel bad when it’s a month I can’t afford to splurge. Most importantly, Alix is fun and easy to talk to, which is ultimately what made me make a second appointment with her when I first started coming to Heyday. Every time I see Alix, I thank her for everything she’s done for my skin. And while she says it’s as much due to me doing the work at home with my daily skincare routine as it is what she does during my monthly facial, I seriously don’t know what I would do without her—and I certainly don’t want to find out." - Katelin on Alix S.

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